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Branding Foundation

The online shopping space is crowded—and if your brand doesn't speak to your target customers, they'll go elsewhere. Even when you're just starting out, having a polished, unique, and high-end brand experience at every touchpoint can increase sales and conversions and build brand loyalty. And that brand loyalty? It can effectively increase your revenue year after year.

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Get a full brand suite designed to connect with your audience in just one week.





During our collaborative week-long intensive, we'll strategize on how to best stand out in your particular market, who your target customers are and how we can use design to connect with them, and craft a brand identity that you'll be so excited to share with the world. By the end of the week, you'll be ready to launch—so you don't have to be stuck in design limbo for months. 

Branding Foundation might be for you if:

  • You're just starting out with your e-commerce business

  • You're ready for a refresh of your current brand

  • You like a couple pieces of your brand, but need a rework

  • You'd like to invest in your website and packaging, but need a clear, professionally designed brand first

Branding Foundation includes:

2-3 primary and secondary logos

We'll create 2-3 primary and secondary logos for your brand that can be used everywhere from your website to your packaging.

A custom color palette

We'll create a custom color palette with on-trend, yet timeless colors that will look great both digitally and in print. We provide you with full specs on each shade, using Pantone + RGB + CMYK color swatches.

A thoughtfully chosen typography system

Have you ever spent hours combing through fonts and still can't find the right ones for your brand? We're experts at choosing typography and we'll create a system for you with details on where to use each one.

Brand guide + tutorial video

Your custom brand guide and tutorial video will ensure you can keep your branding cohesive going forward.


Sourcing On-Brand Stock Images 


E-Commerce Photo Shoot Creative Direction


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Onboarding + Strategy

Once you've reserved your spot, we'll start with a business questionnaire and gather inspiration for your new brand. We'll also do a kickoff call together to get on the same page about goals for your brand. From there, we'll create a visual moodboard to guide the design process.


Designing the Brand

Once we have the visual direction nailed down, we'll start designing your brand. We'll start with the color palette, followed by your logo suite, and finish with the typography system. We'll send you assets each step of the way to get your feedback and approval before we finalize.


Brand Guide + Training

With final approval, we'll create your branding folder with all of your assets and your brand guide that details how and where to use each logo, color, and font in your branding. We'll show examples to make it easy for you to implement. We'll also record a tutorial video so you feel fully confident when we're done.

Reserve your Branding Foundation.
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Branding Foundation is investment of $2500. Are you:
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