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Three Business Mindset Shifts

Molly Brooks graphic designer working in studio

When I first started my design studio, I heard so many people say that mindset changes everything and that it can make such a huge difference in the success of your business. And for a long time, I ignored them. I didn't really understand how mindset could influence the way I show up in my business and in my life and that I could sabotaging myself with just my thoughts.

But after months of feeling frustrated and seeing very little growth, I finally paid attention. And they were right — mindset shifts can be transformative. Here are the three biggest mindset shifts I made:

  • I am an expert. As a 9w1 on the enneagram, putting myself out there confidently as an expert in my field felt so counterintuitive (9s tend to shy away from asserting themselves). But if I don't position myself confidently as an expert in brand strategy and web design, who is going to to hire me? Business success requires confidence — confidence that the service you're offering comes from your expertise and your services are worth the investment. Before you can build confidence in potential clients, you have to have it in yourself.

  • I am worth the investment. Investing in yourself and in your business can feel, honestly, terrifying. What if you never make the money back? What if it doesn't get you the results you're looking for? But investing in yourself and in your business is how you grow. When I finally decided to invest my business, I saw huge changes. I invested in education and courses that allowed me to offer better services for my clients. I invested in business coaching to help me with mindset shifts and better sales strategies. I invested in unique design assets (like typefaces and imagery) that conveyed the professionalism behind my services.

  • I am deserving of rest. My mindset for the longest time was that my business would only grow if I worked as many hours as I could. I was depleted and burnt out, but I decided to finally allow myself some time off. And I realized that when I felt more rested, I was able to create some of my very best work. Healthy boundaries, self care, and taking time to rest means I can be at my most creative — and create great work for myself and for my clients. I always want to deliver incredibly valuable strategy and design tools for my clients, which means I have to make sure I’m getting adequate rest. Working endless hours without taking care of my own mental health doesn’t mean more success for me OR for my clients — it’s actually the complete opposite.⠀

Do you struggle with any of these mindsets? Are they holding you back in your business? What other mindset shifts have you made as an entrepreneur? Let us know in the comments.


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