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Elements of High-End Packaging Design

Minimalist beauty box packaging design

Designing packaging is one of my favorite challenges. It's a constant balance between form and function—making sure it stands out, looks high-end, feels luxe, emphasizes the right information, and is easy to use and open. Here are a few of the elements I like to include in a high-end packaging collection:

  1. High-end finishes including gold foil, embossing/debossing, UV spot gloss, and more. Adding texture and shine to your packaging can make it feel really special. I tend to gravitate towards (and design) minimalist packaging that doesn't have a ton of text and patterns. Incorporating high-end finishes makes it feel luxe and unique, even when the actual design is fairly simple.

  2. Brand every detail of your packaging. Instead of just branding your actual product, create an entire branded packaging experience, from the product box to the shipping container to inserts to tissue paper to packaging tape. Make it a consistent and cohesive collection that your customer will remember.

  3. Small surprises throughout can also create a memorable experience, from a beautiful, custom pattern on the inside of a box to a fun message when they open their shipping container.

  4. Keep sustainability in mind. Whether that means creating packaging that your customers can reuse, utilizing materials that are easily recyclable (like metal and glass), or choosing recycled materials, sustainability is becoming more synonymous with high-end in our current cultural context.

  5. Make it minimal. As mentioned, high-end packaging embraces the concept of less is more, with minimal text, patterns, and colors. Use lots of whitespace instead of filling up every inch.

If you need help with creating high-end packaging for your products, we'd love to collaborate with you. Check out all of our services here.


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