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How a Strong Process Changed My Design Business

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One of the things I’ve learned as a business owner and designer is that high-end clients and high-end brands require a high-end process. But for a lot of designers, that’s not something we were ever taught. I’ve been a designer for over ten years and through a lot of those years, I struggled with receiving non-helpful feedback (that immediately sent me spiraling into self-doubt) and clients who didn’t respect my expertise. I didn’t set firm boundaries and didn’t position myself as someone who knows how to deliver results. Because of this, I thought maybe being a designer wasn’t right for me.

But developing a strong process changed everything. It made me fall in love with design all over again. It allowed me to stop questioning my abilities. It made my clients feel heard, supported, and empowered. It made asking for and receiving feedback so much less painful. And if you’re a designer, I can’t even express how much I want that for you too—which is why I want to hand over the process that helped me get there.

Two of the most important pieces of my process have been a consultation call and a uniquely tailored proposal for every serious inquiry. These pieces are the foundation of establishing a relationship of mutual respect with my clients—and have allowed me to set strong boundaries and expectations from the very beginning. Wondering how to do that? Get a free Proposal Checklist here.

If you're a designer, be sure to explore our Template Shop for even more tools and resources that will help you establish a high-end process in your design business.

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