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How to Increase Your E-Commerce Conversions

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A strong conversion rate is a combination of many things—from your website design to your product photos to your copy. If you're looking to increase yours, here are a few of my tips:

  1. Educate your website visitors about your product—how do you use and care for it? What problem does it solve? What aspirational identity are you creating for your customers with your product?

  2. Use bright and clear CTAs to encourage customers to engage and add products to their cart. Bright doesn’t have to mean neon—but make sure that your buttons have some contrast to call attention.

  3. Encourage customers to leave reviews and showcase them on your product pages. Also, feature any kind of social proof, from certifications to awards to press.

  4. Display complementary products on product pages. Make sure not to overwhelm, but including a curated feed of products that complement the one they’re looking at can keep them shopping.

  5. Streamline your checkout process by making it easy to add to cart and complete any customizations.

  6. Optimize your mobile site to be user-friendly. So much online shopping is done via mobile these days, so make sure it’s easy to shop if your customers click over from Instagram.

  7. Improve your site speed and performance by keeping your apps lean and sizing photos properly. A slow load time can mean a lost customer.

  8. Use quality product photos—I think product photos are probably the most important investment for e-commerce businesses, because they can make or break a sale.

  9. Tell your brand story through lifestyle images and other content, showing what sets you apart.

If you need more help with your overall conversions and sales for your e-commerce business, we'd love to collaborate with you on a website redesign. Check out all of our services here.


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