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Our 4-Step Strategic Branding Process

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We love to design unique, beautiful logos for our clients, but we never stop at “just a logo.” Why? Our process is strategic — we want every visual piece of your brand to work together and for it to really resonate with your audience. Your logo is important, but when you think of a brand you know well and love, do you automatically think of their logo? Maybe – but you might also think of their brand colors, what they stand for, their brand voice and personality, the types of photos and videos they use, or their signature fonts. Because of this, we work with each of our clients to design a full brand identity, instead of just a logo. A logo isn’t your brand – it’s just one small piece of it. When we create your brand identity, we create multiple logo options, a custom color palette, and a font and brand guide that all work cohesively together to visually tell your brand’s story. And if you decide to invest in print or web design, we carry this brand identity into fully custom digital and print pieces for your business. How do we do this? Before we do any work together, we always start with a strategy call. These calls provide important clarity before we ever start designing. We go in-depth into each facet of your business, so we can really nail down what problem you solve for your customers, what makes you different, the larger “why” behind your business, and what your brand personality is. And while we do have you fill out a brand questionnaire — we don't stop there. When you fill out a questionnaire about your brand, it can be easy to write down the answers you always provide about your business. Our strategy calls help you move beyond those standard answers, so you can more effectively reach your ideal clients and customers.

Here’s what our full process looks like:

  1. Brand Strategy: We’ll schedule a strategy call to define your goals and values — so we can strategically position your brand and create important clarity. Using notes from this call and a questionnaire, we'll create a brand strategy document for your business. This will also include a moodboard to set the design direction.

  2. Brand Design: Using your brand strategy document as a guide, we’ll then create round one of your brand identity. This will include a color palette, multiple logo options, overall brand visual guidelines, a font system, and other design assets. We'll refine your identity until it feels like the perfect visual representation of your business — so you can strategically stand out and resonate with your target audience. With your feedback and tweaks, we’ll finalize the design (the fun part!).

  3. Final Branding: Once the design is finalized, you'll get your full (and extensive) package of brand identity deliverables. Depending on your package, this may include color palette, typography selection, various logo options, a business card, design assets, and more. You'll also receive a detailed brand style guide.

  4. Web + Print Design: If you’re ready for a custom website, we'll build your site in Shopify, the best platform for e-commerce businesses. For print collateral and packaging, we’ll customize each piece and work closely with a print vendor to create exactly what you need. We can create a wide variety of collateral, from inserts to tags to product labels.

Does your e-commerce business need a strategic, modern brand identity? Not “just a logo?” We’d love to help. We work with just a few clients each month, so that we can give your business the attention it deserves. Because we combine design with purpose in all that we do, we focus exclusively on conscious businesses founded by other women. If that’s you, fill out a Project Inquiry to get started.


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