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Two Questions to Ask When Hiring a Designer

Molly Brooks graphic designer choosing a pantone color palette

I was on a consultation call with a potential client the other day and she told me she had hired a graphic designer to create a logo and color palette for her business a while ago, but then she didn’t know what to do with it. Have you experienced something similar?

When you hire a designer, here two questions to make sure to ask before you sign on:

  • What steps are built into your process that will ensure my new brand is intentional and strategic?

  • How are you going to empower me to use my new branding and keep it consistent?

Investing in design doesn’t mean just hiring someone to do the creative side of your branding—the investment should be about their expertise and guidance too. Your designer should start the process in a strategic, thoughtful way to ensure your branding will speak to your audience. And then—your work together should end with them empowering you to use your new brand.

How do we do this at our studio? No matter what package you choose with us, we always start with brand strategy. Your brand identity is never just designed with no thought behind it—we invite you into the process to help determine your brand's story, values, vision, mission and more. And then we use that strategic foundation to inform the creative direction, which ultimately guides us in the design process for your brand.

Once your branding is complete, we create a 20+ page brand style guide that walks you through how to use every single design asset, including where to use each color in your palette, where to use each font is your typographical system, and where to use each logo in your arsenal. And if you invest in web design or print collateral, we provide tutorials on how to update your website and guidance on how to work with your printer on ongoing basis (especially for things like packaging and shipping materials).

If you’re looking to hire a designer to update your branding soon, make sure to save these two questions to ask on your consultation call. They'll help make sure that your investment will be worth every penny, allowing you to confidently connect with your ideal clients and customers through the power of branding (and not just have a logo that you're not sure how to use).


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