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How to be a Conscious Brand

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At our studio, we choose to exclusively partner with “conscious” businesses on their branding. But what exactly does that mean?

“Conscious” is really just a marketing term, but it should also reflect the authentic underlying values of your business and should be carried out in all of your business operations. Conscious brands typically:⠀

  • Take a stance on larger social or political issues — this could mean just educating, or you can go even further and advocate explicitly for social and political change.⠀

  • Actively avoid exploitative practices in your business, for both people and planet. This is broad, but it can mean sourcing your products sustainably, using recycled materials for your packaging, paying your workers fair living wages, hiring a diverse staff, etc. ⠀⠀

Broadly speaking, being a conscious brand is about using your business as a force for good. It can look different based on what you sell and what niche market you’re in. Maybe you make baby products and advocate for paid family leave and increased support for postpartum health. Or maybe you create skincare products and use only sustainably sourced materials, while investing some of your profits into environmental protection work. For service-based businesses, it might mean researching the business tools you invest in (like your email marketing software or where you source your fonts) and doing all you can to ensure you are only supporting businesses that are actively anti-exploitative.

We choose to exclusively work with conscious brands because we want to elevate brands who strive to do business differently — brands who choose to value people, planet, and purpose over profit (while still being paid fairly for your work, of course).

Are you a “conscious” brand? Or are you thinking about moving your business in that direction? We’d love to hear what that looks like for your brand — let us know in the comments!


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