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Shopify Elevate

Shopify is an incredible platform for e-commerce businesses to sell products online with ease. But depending on your theme and coding abilities, you might feel limited by the design capabilities of your site. And if you want to increase sales, conversions, and average order value, it's essential to have a fully on-brand site that is user-friendly and helps you stand out in a crowded market. Our Shopify Elevate package is designed for businesses that are ready to upgrade their current Shopify site.

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Get an elevated, on-brand site designed to meet your goals, from increasing AOV to increasing repeat customers.





During our collaborative two-month project, we'll strategize on how to best stand out in your particular market and who your target customers are and how we can use design to connect with them. Together, we'll create a website that is designed to help you meet your specific goals, from increasing conversions and AOV to educating customers about your products.

Shopify Elevate might be for you if:

  • You're struggling with your current template and want more design freedom

  • You DIYed your site and are ready to elevate it to the next level

  • You're launching a new brand that needs a high-end site that can convert

  • Your website feels like a hindrance to your business goals

  • Your have specific goals for your site, including increasing AOV, conversions, sales, repeat customers, and more

  • You feel like customers don't understand your products and/or brand well enough (benefits, how to use, etc.)

  • You're ready to step into your next level of success as a brand

Shopify Elevate includes:

A highly flexible, customizable theme

Included in the price of your investment, you'll get one of the best themes on the market with a variety of features that's easy to update.

A full suite of Shopify pages

We'll create a custom designed homepage, a dynamic product detail page that educates customers on the value of your projects, multiple collection page templates, an about page, blog, FAQs, a contact page, and two additional pages of your choosing, such as a rewards + loyalty page, sizing info, product care, and more. We'll add in unique engaging design details throughout, including subtle animation, and it will be optimized for user experience.

Custom CSS, app + email marketing integration

We'll add in custom code throughout the site to keep every aspect on brand and polished, and will also integrate your email marketing software and any relevant apps.

Training and support post-launch

We'll provide a library of tutorial videos so you feel ready to take the reins post-launch, and also offer 30 days of technical support.


Sourcing On-Brand Stock Images 


E-Commerce Photo Shoot Creative Direction



Current Shopify Site Audit + Recommendations


Monthly Shopify Site Design Tune-Up


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Onboarding + Strategy

Once you've booked, we'll start a strategy session together to get on the same page about the goals of your site and the overall look and feel. We'll also send over a questionnaire to get more details and gather inspiration. One thing to note—we recommend having professional product and lifestyle photos or stock photos prior to investing in your new website.


Gathering + Creating Content

We'll send over a presentation outlining the visual direction of your site and then we'll gather all of the content for your site. We'll provide guides for writing your website copy (or we can help with that if you need as an add-on service!). You'll send us all of your brand assets and photos. If you don't have a brand yet, our Branding + Strategy is perfect for that.


Navigation + Theme Install

This is when the design process begins. We'll start with installing your new flexible theme and getting the back-end set up. We'll create your navigation, mega-menus, and homepage first. Once those are complete, we'll send them to you for feedback before we move on to the additional site pages. If needed, we can also schedule a call to talk through the site's progress so far.


Build the Site Pages

After making any tweaks to the site from your feedback, we'll then build the remaining pages of the site: 2-3 collection page templates, the product detail page, an about page, contact page, frequently asked questions, blog, and two additional custom pages. When these are complete, we'll send over the site again to get your feedback and will make any remaining tweaks.


Style for Mobile + Test Site

With your approval of the desktop version of the site, we'll then style the mobile version of the site to ensure it looks great on all screen sizes. Once that's complete, we'll send over the preview site for a final look. We'll test the entire user experience of the site at this stage. If it's a brand new Shopify site, we'll test orders and payments and email confirmations.


Training + Technical Support

Once your site is launched, we'll provide a library of training videos to ensure you feel comfortable taking the reins in updating your site pages, products, and more. And if you have any issues post-launch, we'll provide extra support (on top of Shopify's built-in support) for 30 days. We're here to make sure your site is successful in every way. We also offer ongoing retainer support.

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